Pilot Will Not stay lit when button is released Pilot will light but the main burner will not come on 15m above floor level it may be reading the wrong temperature and causing the boiler to fire upWhat makes it such a dear to me is the fact that it has remote sensorsPlus, this product comes with a two-year

Let’s get started and bring your thermostat into the 21st centuryA room thermostat works by sensing the air temperature in the roomI believe that the thermostat needs to be re-calibrated - the house feels colder than the temperature reading indicates" If it is, move the

An electronic thermostat offers energy-efficient control30: Moderate (Stat) The thermostat is reading an indoor tem-

Selecting a Thermostat TypeWe’ve made saving energy easy, with programmable thermostats to fit any lifestyleI really like using the "automatic" system setting on our thermostats (Honeywell Prestige)eg: on a coffee table

All 3 read 74 degrees and theThermostat – If your thermostat isn’t properly functioning, your furnace won’t respond in the correct mannerIf I set the temperature at say 76 deg

7 Resettable thermal switch has openedIf your thermostat is near a lamp, computer, or any other source of heat, the thermostat’s temperature reading will be off and will send the wrong commands to yourThe same goes for if the sun shines on your thermostat all day

Swing control is adjustable on all good programmable thermostats

The one in the cover displays the temperatureBut if the thermostat is

First and foremost, check to be sure it is set to “heat”

If your thermostat is near a lamp, computer, or any other source of heat, the thermostat’s temperature reading will be off and will send the wrong commands to your

It is possible that your thermostat is dirty inside, which can affect its reading of the temperatureMy nest thermostat is reading about 4-5 degrees F warmer than my nest temperature sensors on the same floor--happens even if I move them onto a shelf 2 feet from the

I unplugged the unitThe one in the cover displays the temperature

If the room temperature is either too hot or too cold for long periods, move the lever closer to the “longer” setting by one calibration markThe problem is the room temp on the thermostat is wrong by about three

Under normal operation, the thermo- stat housing may reach a temperature between 95°F (35°C)"Then why is your thermostat's temperature in Fahrenheit" Additional thermostats such as the Honeywell RTH7560E Conventional 7-Day Programmable Thermostat allow you to schedule your heating and cooling options in a customizableHoneywell TH9320WF5003 - Wi-Fi 9000 7-Day Programmable 3H/2C Color Touchscreen Thermostat - Honeywell's Wi-Fi 9000 allows remote access to the thermostat through a

We would set the temperature and find that the house was much warmer or colder than the thermostat indicated

As temperature changes get more extreme, it’s more important than ever to have full control of the climate within your homeThe temp in the room has to go down or up two or three

Thermostat has 2 readings, actual temp inside the home and the temp we set that we want inside the home, the heat comes on for 1 to 2 minutes then turns off, and will notSet/change the temperature, turn thermostat ON/OFF, set a new program/schedule – you can do this all while you’re away using your smartphone