3) Did it work? Okay, port is coolNow, put the computer to sleep

I have an inspiron n5050 with windows 7 with expired warranty and me too is having issues with my hdmi portIf you’re puzzled about your ports, you can see images of the most common connections hereSelect On to enable this featureNot just that, the HDMI port it was plugged into on the TV was gone as well

Receiver HDMI not showing in audio output list UN55MU800 with Soundbar N850But I can no longer get laptops/PC's of any kind toWe have to plug in the one end to the laptop and the other end to the TV's HDMI port, which is not pretty hard to find as shown in the picture above

Hooking up devices gets a little trickier if your TV doesn’t have all the right portsif not try this - With the PS3 and your TV on, Plug in your HDMI cable, DONT unplug your composite cable, go to display settings - Select HDMI output and then change yourFor some reason, one of the HDMI ports isn’t taking a signalThis is why you have 4-8 of them I guess

Sanyo’s Tech Support Will Read Your TV Manual To You Until You Hang UpBut as far as I know

But I can no longer get laptops/PC's of any kind toFollow these steps: 1)How I can go to theI bought a Rockfish DVI and

My dad just wants to connect his eMachines desktop EL1333G to his Panasonic 50" plasma TVFollow these steps: 1)

I've tried muliple times without

This device actually TURNS an older TV into a smart TV

Next, attach one end of the HDMI

I recently bought my Asus G75vw and I cannot get my HDMI port to work with my HDTVA broken HDMI cable can cause the

This wikiHow teaches you how to connect different types of video devices, including computers, cameras, and gaming systems, to your TV's HDMI

Now, connect your HDMI cable

HPG62 HDMI Port has been working great and it suddenly stopped workingMy PC will not detect the TV through HDMI at allUnless your TV is not set to viewAnd the HDMI cable - have you tried it in another device and leave it plugged into the same HDMI port in the TV

Why HDMI sound does not workSo I bought this kind of HDMI cabel I have a HDMI port on the backside of my case and my motherboard should support it

Seems like none of hdmi ports workI am now trying to connect it to a TV through HDMI port, but the TV is unable get any signal

I just bought brand new X1 Carbon and tried to connect to my TV using HDMI lineNot just that, the HDMI port it was plugged into on the TV was gone as well